Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girl Meets Blog

I thought it would be kinda cool to set something up a blog where all of my family and friends, that I never get to hang out with anymore, can go to check up on whats been happening in my life. I'm not really sure if my life is any more exciting than the average person, but I am just narcissistic enough to believe there are people who would want to read about me anyway. Besides I need something to do now that I have a semester long hiatus from college. 

For all the people that just stumbled upon this blog: my name is Tara (though online I go by Hislilsassafras) and I will tell you a little about myself.

This has been an tumultuous year, full of the kind of life changes that rock your world to its core. I got engaged, started my first job, quit, moved across country, started college, and had to drop from issues with financial aid all within the last 12 months. When the dust began to settle and my head stopped spinning, I became more sure of who I have become.

I think many of us who in high school couldn't wait to get out and kick some ass in the real world start to feel a little lost when that comes to an end. Its like a door closing behind us as we grow up and start our families. Especially for those of us (me) who never planned on wanting to be married or have children anytime soon. I was sure upon graduation that world conquest would be much more likely than wedding plans. I don't mean that a wife or mother can't kick ass and take names or stop striving to take on the world. I just mean that as we start to put others first for once it becomes easy to lose ourselves. Thankfully I have a wonderful fiance who has done his growing up (he ought to he is 49) and can help lead me to becoming the amazing wife and mom that I want to be.

I admit that I have been uprooted and derailed and lost. Being a grown up wife-to-be is awesome and it sucks at the same time.The trick is to not get stuck. I've done that and trust me, it ain't pretty. Dig yourself out so that at least your eyeballs are clear enough to see that the upheaval is, indeed, marvelous. Because derailment forces us to pick our path again; it creates the perfect void in which to rebuild and recreate. Discovery is back. And if we can discover what we love, then there's no limit to the kind of kickass, amazing things which are to follow.

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