Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Etsy Shop

I am toying with the idea of opening my etsy shop. I have enough necklaces made to last me a few weeks and generate enough revenue to make more necklaces with but I am hesitant. The grand opening of the shop is the one time I can hound my friends, family and random acquaintances that I haven't seen in years to check it out. I want to have enough jewelry on there that they want to come back without being reminded. Logically it would be best to wait until after the gem show on November 12th so I have a large stock to make necklaces out of. My friend that taught me the basics keeps over 100 at all times. I have about 10-15 depending if I want to even list the first ones that I made (which I don't because they have some imperfections due to inexperience).

The main reason to open now is the holidays. If I wait to long after the gem show people will already have done their Christmas shopping.

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