Sunday, October 17, 2010

I got my invites in!!!

I am so excited! They look great! I have to address them and send them all out Monday because I am such a procrastinator but its worth it. The pics aren't the best but here you go.

And now on a completely unrelated note I am considering dying my hair again. I guess I like it blond (everyone says I look good blond) but I hate the upkeep. I think for autumn a darker shade would look better. I had it a dark red when I met Roger and I think that would be a good choice to go back too. 
I was so cute back then. I was skinny (well skinnier) and had a cute-punk style back then. I also promised to leave my eyebrow ring out until the wedding and that is really getting old too.

I keep hearing "you don't want to look back on my wedding photos 20 years from now and say 'damn I looked like a dork' in retrospect" I would rather look back then and laugh at myself than regret that I looked nothing like who I am. 

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