Friday, October 1, 2010

Somedays I Wish We Didn't Have That Second Bedroom.

Roger has been home for one hour. What has he done in this time? He came inside, complained about the dishes not being done (I refuse to run less than half a load), took off his work clothes, and for 59 minutes of that hour he has been playing guitar. I shouldn't be surprised. Playing guitar is how he unwinds. Also he has to practice every Friday so that he sounds good for practice on Saturday.

I guess I am just annoyed because we haven't had any us time recently. Our "date night" last night was ruined by him never setting his computer down the whole time. I would be fine with it if he was doing work stuff (which he says he has to skip church to go in and work on tomorrow) but he was just looking at guitar pickups the whole time. I just want one night for him to come home, watch tv, eat dinner, and talk to me about his day before he runs off to his room all night. It really shouldn't be too much to ask for.

I know some of you are wondering why I don't just go in the second bedroom and watch him practice. Well apparently my presence messes him up, so he shoos me out of there. Yet he is fine with the guys and I at practice on Saturdays.

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