Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Last Will and Testament .

I bequeath all of my plushies to my sister.
I bequeath my nail polish collection to be divided equally between Courtney and Jenna.
My bun-bun I bequeath to my Aunt Bink who made him originally.
To Roger, I love you and bequeath whatever else that I have of any worth.

I made this will in case I die in the forest fire in Boulder. I shouldn't joke about such things. 8 people are reported missing (though that's what you get when you ignore a mandatory evacuation order) and 92 buildings have been destroyed. Its officially a national disaster today. Its not the fire that I find funny. Its that my grandma called me in a panic after watching the news today. She heard that there was a fire in Colorado so she assumed that I was one of those 8 people missing. I love my Gma to death but if worrying where an Olympic sport she would put  Michael Phelps to shame. I live over an hour away from Boulder. There is more of a possibility of a meteor to crash down and kill me than the fire to spread from Boulder to here.

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