Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet Dreams? Yeah Right!

Being the sweet heart that he is, Roger decided to get me some Melatonin supplements in order to cure my insomnia a few weeks ago. Well they warn that vivid dreams is a side effect. I didn't mind I mean I have hallucinated before so how bad can one little dream be?
Well at 1:00AM I found out how bad a little dream could be. I don't remember anything of the actual dream. It started with me half awake and looking at Roger (who had a demon/monster face thing) while screaming bloody murder. He said I only screamed twice but it felt like it went on for a few minutes but since I was the one dreaming I will believe his version of events. I have never in my life woken up screaming let alone without remembering the actual dream. 

Roger was very sweet about it, hugging me and saying it was just a dream and that I am alright. I still took over an hour to get back to sleep. Thankfully I had a nicer dream then. Roger and I where on a plane somewhere and we wanted to go to PF Chang's but they where closed so Snoop Dog (seriously I have never listened to him in my life) took us back to his place, incidentally he lives behind a tiny little picture frame in a long hallway (think Willy Wonka), and gave us fried chicken. 

I swear if Roger makes fun of my fear of the dark ever again I will just stay awake from now on.


  1. I am following you now *puts on creepy stalker glasses*

  2. I would suggest skipping the Melatonin if it causes those kinds of dreams. I mean the point was so that you could sleep, but also to rest. That's not really resting if you wake up screaming.

  3. My mother thinks its night terrors. I have only had it happen once but I am cutting back my dosage from 3mg to 1mg and see if that helps.