Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whooping Cough and Santa Clause

I know you are all (yes, all 4 followers) wondering what I am smoking right now. How on earth does on get from whooping cough to St. Nick? Well apart from being ADHD there is a reason.

You all know about my sister coming to my elopement right? Well she has whooping cough and cannot come. Sis offered to pay for mom or dad to come out instead but honestly they aren't even close to healthy enough to travel. I was crying today because I wanted someone there. I mean its a wedding for Pete's sake!

So I was talking to my mom and sister and I decided that I wanted to just fly out to Missouri to have the wedding. It will be just the immediate family but it will be nice. I get to have all the people I love there as I declare my devotion to the man that God has given me as my husband. It may not be fancy (no chair covers even) but it has all the things that really matter.

I obviously couldn't pull off a wedding in 3 weeks (plus giving your guests less than a month's notice is considered rude) so I asked Roger when would be good for him. (After he agreed to all of this of course) and he said December would be best since he has to get time off work. I then called my sister/ Maid of Honor and asked when her winter break starts. It is the 18 so that is when the wedding will be.

As for the Santa Clause part? Well if you are bad at math the 18th is one week before Christmas. To my family Christmas is a holiday celebrated from the week after Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. As soon as my sister learned the date she started making plans to have a Christmas tree there and the whole nine yards. Roger said she can do that if she dresses up as Santa. She seriously considered it. Only one of my family members would seriously consider wearing a fake beard and Santa suit to a wedding. I just hope that my sister doesn't talk to my mom before I get ahold of her tomorrow. If my mom and sister get together on this Christmas theme I will have a gingerbread house as a wedding cake and our first dance will be Frosty the Snowman.

I am sure those from Wedding Wire reading this are screaming "Its your wedding just tell them no!" at your computer screens right now. You don't know my mom. Our tree has more decorations than the one in Madison Square Gardens. She has not one Christmas village but 2.

Christmas is the time that no matter how bad things in life is Mom just puts on Its a Wonderful Life and signs carols until she is blue in the face. I admire that about her. There where years when we where broke. There where years that my father was near death. It didn't matter. Christmas was always a time to celebrate whatever we did have. Hmm, I guess that is kinda what I am doing with my wedding too. There will still be no Santa.

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  1. I was joking about the santa thing...

    However, a cute little sparkly tree would be nice!