Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Last One

I told you about my search for officiants and if the officiant that I emailed today doesn't respond, I officially give up on finding an officiant. I refuse to spend over $300 and drive 2 hours to have someone spend 12 minutes officiating our wedding. I am not being sarcastic that is what the going rate/time for elopements in Colorado. I found a few officiants closer (one in Littleton even) but they don't have chapels. I am not paying $100 and then still not having a location to get married at. Its asinine. There is one officiant that is right down the street and has a location for $149. I am putting all my eggs in this basket as of now.

I almost want to just get the marriage license and solemnize it myself. Yes I can do that. Since 1993 Colorado has allowed couples to sign the marriage license themselves instead of having a ceremony. It can be done immediately after getting the license and turn it in right then and there and be married in less than a minute.
It is horribly unromantic and I would never want to get married like this but I am having my wedding in a year. I need to be on Roger's insurance and it doesn't really matter if its romantic or not does it? I will have my big white wedding and get to wear my pretty dress and all of those things I have dreamed of since I was 5. I do wish I could have that now but I want to married  more than I want those unimportant niceties.

I give them until Tuesday. Two business days should be plenty of time to read my email and respond if they have any dates open. Though by the lack of responses from some officiants two weeks isn't enough time.

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